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How Coaching can be used as a catalyst to inspire the Current and Next Generation of Leaders
  • Preparation for leadership roles
  • Facilitation of difficult conversations
  • Exploration of values and beliefs around money and wealth creation
  • Encourage an open and transparent culture of communication
  • On-going development
  • Exploration of identity and life both inside and outside the Family business
  • Improved communication between current and future generations
  • Management of conflict, pressures, responsibilities and expectations
  • Cross generational sustainability

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Coaching Executive Coaching

I facilitate coaching with Family Businesses, Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Wealth Managers. Providing a discreet and confidential Coaching service with a focus on Current and Next Generation Leadership.

Next Generation Leadership coaching is becoming increasingly important as Wealth Professionals and Families prepare for the future and life inside and outside the family business.

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Coaching services can also be combined with Business Consulting and Intrapreneurship services to:
  • Promote an Intrapreneurial spirit within the Family
  • Develop strategic skills for business planning and development
  • Boost Family Productivity
  • Harness talent and individuality by dedicating time to the ambitions and goals of individual family members