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The power of Focus

The first step on the road to a successful career and happy life is to sharpen your ability to focus Published in Macau Business magazine, May 2013 By André Ribeiro You use it throughout your entire life. You are using it right now, as you read this article. It is focus, and focus affects the […]

Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools The international bestseller book “Coaching Tools”  published in english, spanish and portuguese includes my testimonial An Excerpt of my testimonial follows “The diversity of individuals and situations is enormous. Therefore, coaching to be effective, must be flexible and personalized. The usefulness of the tools is the implementation and the results they provide. Tools can […]

Coaching Market Wizards

Published February 2015 Coaching Market Wizards by André Ribeiro He makes millions year after year beating the performance of financial indices with his investments. Friends tell him he looks like crap. His face is of  a man 10 or more years older than he is. Most people working in financial markets know someone like that. […]

Generation next – Succession Coaching

 Many heads of family businesses fail to arrange their succession Published in Macau Business magazine, July 2013 By André Ribeiro The Macau economy is thronged by family businesses of all shapes and sizes: from Stanley Ho Hung Sun’s mega-empire, spreading from casinos to property to transport, to the small noodle shop around the corner. But […]

Six elements for success​

 There are six qualities needed to recover from a life-threatening injury or achieve career goals   Published in Macau Business magazine, August 2013 By André Ribeiro If success is defined as getting what you want, how can you become successful? When you suffer a setback or face a challenge, how can you overcome it? It […]

HNWIs – Riches to Riches

HNWIs and UHNWIs: The Wealthiest People on the planet Wealth inequality is a potential cause of friction worldwide Riches to Riches    Wealth is a fascinating topic. The amount an individual owns impacts his or her everyday life in thousands of ways. It is a basic tool for survival in modern societies. One of the […]

Power of positivity

‘Positive intelligence’ is viewed as a crucial asset on the road to management success Published in Macau Business magazine, October 2013 By André Ribeiro Positive intelligence is still a new term in the world of executive coaching. But, as happened with emotional intelligence some 30 years ago, the term “positive intelligence” is likely to revolutionise […]

Take charge

Take charge Published in Macau Business magazine, September 2013 By André Ribeiro Effective decision-makers only try to influence situations they have control over   “You can’t control the ocean but you can surf it,” says M.D. and author Srini Pillay. Some people try to control everything around them by planning every single thing down to […]

Mistakes Intelligent People Make

Mistakes Intelligent People Make, my presentation at Ignite in Lisbon, March 4th 2010 Funny how the organizer made a mistake and the slides that were supposed to go on automatic every 15 seconds weren’t programmed. Have you ever made one of the mistakes talked about in this presentation? Enjoy!

Costa del Coaching

Coaching is on the up in Spain – but in a country that is traditionally unwilling to admit to weakness, and where not everyone has the same development opportunities, it may have its work cut out. Article about Coaching in Spain, published in the “Coaching at Work” magazine, January 2007 Back in 1994, Jane Upton […]