“André Ribeiro – with his experience and methodology – showed me how to get in this life what I most desire. I got a return of 50 times of what I invested. Thank you.”

David BoronatFounder and CEO of Multiplica

André’s coaching style is clear and simple. He helped me to overcome particularly painful moments. Thus, I managed to resolve the issues which I had at that time. And I got more positive outlook on life. Thank you! 🙂 

M. MillierLawyer

Thanks a lot for your support during these sessions. Very good coaching, plus some worthwhile time sharing  business experience. Our theme was quite deep and emotional, I must say I feel relieved and ready to move on.

Stéphane W.

“André has an enthusiasm and a flair to learn and apply new concepts that make a real, pragmatic different in business. Extremely proactive, he doesn’t allow anything or anyone to get in the way by overcoming barriers in a friendly, efficient manner. André is, also, happy to develop connections with key decision makers looking at ways to help them to be more successful. 

Working with Andre, I have been impressed with his networking and coaching capabilities that have been very helpful in developing my skills.”

Robin HillsOwner of EI4ChangeDoom Inc

I approached Andre, as an MCC coach and mentor, for mentoring, looking to step up in my coaching from PCC level towards the MCC. His mentoring style is challenging, yet supportive in a coaching way.
His feedback helped me to make major strides in competencies I thought I was already doing really well in, such as active listening and presence, and I gained a new learning around competency of direct communication, observing the impact of the changes I made to my coaching directly on my coaching clients. During our 5 sessions of mentoring I have moved forward beyond my expectations.

Thank you Andre for being direct, caring and authentic in your approach and feedback.
I gladly recommend you to coaches preparing for the MCC level of accreditation!

Zlatica M. StubbsProfessional Certified Coach, trainer and consultant